Internet Marketing Consulting

We go beyond developing and putting your site on the Internet.

  1. Toolbox with Internet Markinting tools. Internet Marketing, Site Brand, ReputationMaintain the site for SEO
  2. Manage your site/brand reputation on the Internet
  3. Getting your site seen
  4. Set up social marketing sites for your business

Just putting your web site on the Internet does not assure that it will get seen! Like any advertising media, a marketing strategy designed for your target market is important.

CeJay Associates, LLC can help you market your site with the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization: developing your site for maximum search engine indexing.
  • Google Adword Campaigns: with skilled specialists on staff, we can manage a campaign for you
  • Directory Listings: submitting your business name and contact information to online directory services and trade directories, including and especially Google.
  • Social Media: Set up, develop and maintaining
  • Trade Reporting: submit a trade report or white paper to some of the online report services, magazines and WIKI’s (including, of course, links back to your web site.) CeJay Associates can help you develop and write these 800 word, key-word rich reports.
  • Blogging: Setting up your own Blog (You write about industry-specific information that people in your industry would find relevant – NOT an advertisement, people comment on your idea)
  • Print media advertising: display ads, brochures, business stationary that includes your web site URL (address).
  • TV / Radio advertising: coordinating a production company and insuring poignant content

Let Us Show You How We Can Develop a Website That WORKS for Your Business!